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About the app

This application attempts to serve as a template for those who wish to apply integer programming to solve real world problems. The application is built in R Shiny. If there are any questions, please read the FAQ section before leaving comments towards the end of this article. If there are any suggestions, please read the contribution guidelines and submit them accordingly.

Installation guide

Note: If its a one off activity, then the demo app is sufficient and installation is not recommended.

Installation pre-requisites:
Installation steps:
  • Source the R shiny application code from GitHub repository or download the app from here
  • Install R packages shiny, shinydashboard, ROI.plugin.glpk, DT, magrittr, ompr and ompr.roi. The following R code will help.
#install packages
  • Once the installation is complete, run the R shiny application from R studio by clicking the Run App button.
  • A browser will open with the application that looks just like the one in the demo.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: The demo becomes unresponsive after sometime. Is there something wrong ?
    Ans: This demo uses a basic version of shinyapps server that gives the author limited time budget to run the app. As a courtesy to other users attempting to use the demo, the author chose to stop the session after a few seconds of inactivity. Refresh the page again to continue using the demo.

  • Q: When I click the octocat, document or license icons on the menu bar of the app, the app becomes unresponsive. What do I do?
    Ans: These icons are present for the users who access the demo from shinyapps server. Please do not use these icons. Incase of mistaken use, please refresh the webpage and continue to use the demo .

  • Q: Can I use this app for commercial puposes?
    Ans: Yes. Please read the license for more details.